Fakeeh Home Healthcare saves diabetic patient’s limb from amputation

Fakeeh Home Healthcare saves diabetic patient’s limb from amputation

Fakeeh Home Healthcare, a leading provider of at-home healthcare services, recently achieved a significant medical milestone by preserving the foot of a 65-year-old diabetic patient suffering from a severe case of necrotizing fasciitis infection due to a diabetic ulcer in her left foot.

The patient initially visited the clinic with symptoms of infection in her left foot, characterized by a foul smell and pus drainage. Given the severity of the case, conventional medical practice suggested a below-knee amputation as the most viable solution. However, the medical team, respecting the patient’s preference for a less invasive approach, devised a unique plan.

Respecting the patient’s wish for conservative management, the medical team at Fakeeh Home Healthcare quickly devised an alternative plan. The patient underwent urgent debridement, fasciotomy, sequestrectomy, antibiosis bone graft, and Vacuum-Assisted Closure (VAC) application. This innovative approach aimed to eliminate the infection while preserving as much of the patient’s foot as possible.

The patient was admitted to Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital in Jeddah, where she underwent the planned surgery. The operation was a success, and the patient is now on a path to recovery without the need for amputation.

“We are thrilled that our specialized home healthcare services could make such a significant difference in the patient’s life,” said Tamer Abdelgawad, VP Operations at Fakeeh Care. This case exemplifies the level of excellence and innovation that Fakeeh Home Healthcare strives to offer to all our patients.

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