Health Road co-founder discusses the culinary journey to healthy living

Health Road co-founder discusses the culinary journey to healthy living

In an exclusive interview, we sat down with Nabhan Ibrahim, co-founder of Health Road, a pioneering catering company on a mission to revolutionize perceptions of healthy eating. Discover how their love for gourmet food and a commitment to accessibility have led to innovative dining concepts, promoting a healthier and happier lifestyle through delicious, wholesome food. As we explore their vision to elevate the standard of nutritious and flavorful cuisine, here is the interview:

Q: Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind starting Health Road and how your love for gourmet food and hospitality played a role in its creation?

A: Health Road drew inspiration from the historic Silk Road, symbolizing a global journey of healthy flavors. Our passion for gourmet food and hospitality fueled the creation of Health Road. Just as the Silk Road connected cultures and ideas, we aimed to connect people worldwide through the concept of flavorful, healthy food. Starting in Dubai’s diverse culinary scene, our goal is to spread the importance of healthy eating for a balanced lifestyle globally, mirroring the Silk Road’s reach.

Q: Health Road aims to transform conventional perceptions about healthy eating. What unique strategies or approaches does your brand employ to make wholesome and delicious food convenient and accessible to a wider audience?

A: Health Road employs a unique approach to transform perceptions about healthy eating by prioritizing exceptional customer service to stay close to our clients. This commitment to customer satisfaction allows us to tailor our offerings to meet their needs and preferences. By actively engaging with our audience and valuing their input, we ensure that wholesome and delicious food remains convenient and accessible to a wider audience. Our customer-centric approach enables us to provide a personalized and enjoyable experience that encourages healthier eating habits.

Q: Could you elaborate on the key principles of your nutrition and flavor-first cuisine philosophy and how it influences the menu offerings at Health Road?

A: Balanced Nutrition: We offer nourishing meals with a balance of essential nutrients.

Natural Ingredients: We use natural, unprocessed ingredients.

Diverse Flavors: Our menu draws inspiration from global cuisines for a variety of tastes.

Customization: We allow customers to customize meals to their preferences.

Portion Control: We promote mindful eating with portion-controlled servings.

Education: We provide information on ingredients and health benefits.

Sustainability: We source ingredients responsibly to minimize our environmental impact.

Q: Health Road offers a range of services, including dining, delivery, F&B consulting, and cloud kitchens. How do these services work together to support your mission of promoting a healthier lifestyle through food?

A: Health Road’s range of services, including dining, delivery, F&B consulting, and cloud kitchens, support our mission of promoting a healthier lifestyle through food. Our community-centric dining locations enable us to connect directly with customers, offering diverse menu concepts to match various tastes and budgets. Delivery extends our reach for convenient access to nutritious meals. F&B consulting shares our expertise with the broader industry, while cloud kitchens facilitate agile expansion and innovation. Together, these services create a comprehensive ecosystem for making healthy eating more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Q: Can you share some specific examples of how Health Road ensures the highest food quality standards and compliance with health guidelines, including the role of third-party experts in your kitchen operations?

A: Health Road maintains the highest food quality standards and compliance with health guidelines through a multi-pronged approach. We have an in-house food safety officer and nutritionist who work in tandem to ensure the quality and nutritional value of our offerings. Additionally, we partner with third-party auditors who conduct rigorous assessments of our kitchen operations, ensuring strict adherence to HACCP standards for food safety. This combined effort by our internal team and external experts ensures that we consistently provide safe, high-quality food, reinforcing our commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle through our cuisine.

Q: Your vision is to become the preferred provider of nutritious and delicious food while also promoting a balanced lifestyle. Could you highlight some of the ways in which Health Road educates the community about healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices?

A: Health Road is well-positioned to tap into the burgeoning market in Saudi Arabia (KSA) where there is a growing awareness of the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle choices. With our multifaceted approach to education and support, we see immense potential for expansion in KSA. The Saudi community’s increasing awareness of nutrition and balanced diets aligns perfectly with our mission. Our in-house nutritionist and dedicated account managers can play a pivotal role in guiding and supporting individuals in KSA to make informed choices for healthier lives. By offering menu transparency, online resources, workshops, and strategic partnerships, Health Road is poised to thrive in the thriving KSA market for healthy food and lifestyle solutions.

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