Yanbu gets largest hypermarket with new LuLu store

Yanbu gets largest hypermarket with new LuLu store

Sam Jamsheedi and Faisal Bouzo: The driving forces behind Saudi-Australian trade relations

In the evolving landscape of Saudi-Australian trade relations, Sam Jamsheedi has emerged as a pivotal figure in fostering stronger economic ties between the two nations. Jamsheedi, Founder of Trademark Group — a community of businesses sharing investment opportunities, ideas, and relationships for those looking to expand abroad. Trademark even established regional headquarters in Riyadh, connecting more than 150 Australian businesses with the growing Saudi economy.

His journey began with a visit to Saudi Arabia in July 2022, driven by a curiosity to witness firsthand the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030. Little did he know that this trip would spark a series of events that would significantly transform trade relations between the two nations.

During his initial visit to Saudi Arabia, Jamsheedi was struck by the country’s burgeoning opportunities for Australian businesses. He recognized that the Kingdom, once relatively closed off, was now rapidly opening its doors to international investments and partnerships. This newfound potential prompted Jamsheedi to take action and become a bridge between Australian companies and the thriving Saudi market.

Jamsheedi embarked on a mission to facilitate trade between the two nations. Over the course of a year, he organized multiple delegations, including the largest Australian delegation ever to visit Saudi Arabia. Australian Ambassador Mark Donovan acknowledged the significance of this partnership, emphasizing how Vision 2030 marked the beginning of a robust economic cooperation between Australia and Saudi Arabia. Jamsheedi’s efforts didn’t stop there; he assumed the role of chairman of the Australian Saudi Business Forum, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting trade, investment, and bilateral relationships between the two countries.

In February 2023, crucial agreements were signed to solidify the burgeoning trade relationship. One of the pivotal moments of Jamsheedi’s journey was the agreement he signed with Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani and Sons Co., granting Trademark Group the exclusive representation of AHQ and Sons in Australia. This agreement exemplified Jamsheedi’s commitment to fostering two-way trade and investment, creating opportunities for both Australian businesses in Saudi Arabia and Saudi businesses in Australia.

During the June 2023 delegation to the Kingdom led by Jamsheedi, Australia’s Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs Tim Watts, visited Riyadh. This visit was not just about diplomacy; it showcased the growing presence of Australian-educated entrepreneurs in Riyadh, who were sharing Australian café culture and forging economic collaborations. Following Watts’ visit, he and Jamsheedi met in Australian Parliament House in Canberra to strategize on increasing the bilateral trade, development and cooperation in the Kingdom.

Jamsheedi has also noted the significant progress in women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, with the workforce now comprising 37 percent women, according to the Kingdom’s published statistics. He encourages people to visit Saudi Arabia and witness the transformation firsthand, dispelling misconceptions and highlighting the country’s evolution in development and women’s rights.

Regarding sectors ripe for collaboration, Jamsheedi sees vast potential in various areas, including agriculture, construction, infrastructure, engineering, food, and beverage. The scale of Saudi Arabia’s economic boom means that numerous sectors remain open to Australian businesses.

In the realm of construction, Saudi Arabia is witnessing a surge of iconic landmarks and prestigious projects thanks to companies like C&P, led by Faisal Bouzo, who has been working closely with Jamsheedi as his Saudi counterpart and assisting in the business relations between both Australia and Saudi Arabia. Bouzo’s vision for C&P is crystal clear: to deliver a track record of prestigious projects that become iconic landmarks in Saudi Arabia. This vision has been realized through extensive experience in multifaceted projects, enabling the company to attain excellence in all aspects of the construction process.

C&P’s project value for its current pipeline of projects is set to exceed $266.2 million due to their focus on mega structural and fit-out projects. What sets C&P apart is their commitment to providing turnkey solutions, from concept to full implementation and delivery. This includes handling construction, fit-out, MEP, and project management in-house.

Bouzo emphasizes the importance of high-quality expertise, from project directors to project managers and architects. This ensures that all required personnel have the appropriate expertise to efficiently contribute to each project they undertake.

Jamsheedi’s journey from a curious visitor to a driving force in Saudi-Australian trade relations exemplifies the transformative power of visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. As Saudi Arabia rapidly evolves, Jamsheedi’s efforts are poised to continue playing a pivotal role in connecting businesses and fostering economic cooperation between these two nations. Meanwhile, Bouzo and C&P are leaving their mark on Saudi Arabia’s construction landscape by delivering iconic landmarks and prestigious projects, underpinned by a commitment to excellence and the latest construction technologies, and working closely with international partners to execute their projects.

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