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Top 5 investing mistakes to avoid | Arabian Weekly

Top 5 investing mistakes to avoid | Arabian Weekly


nigel logoOver the years, as a keen observer of individual financial behaviours, I’ve encountered a myriad of pitfalls that individuals often stumble into before seeking professional advice.
Here, we delve into the top five most common financial planning and investing mistakes I’ve witnessed first-hand.
First, failing to diversify. One of the cardinal sins of investing is the failure to diversify. I’ve seen individuals who, driven by the allure of a hot sector or a single promising stock, pour the entirety of their investment capital into one asset class.
While the potential for high returns may seem enticing, the risks associated with an undiversified portfolio are equally pronounced. Markets are unpredictable, and a single unforeseen event can wreak havoc on a concentrated portfolio.
Smart investors recognise the importance of spreading risk across various asset classes, industries, and geographic regions to create a robust and resilient investment strategy.
Second, investing without a plan. Picture this: an individual sets sail without a destination, a compass, a map, or GPS.
Unfortunately, this metaphor mirrors the approach some take when investing without a plan.
Investing should be a deliberate and strategic endeavour, guided by clear financial goals and a well-defined plan. Those who dive into the markets without a roadmap often find themselves adrift, susceptible to the whims of market volatility and uncertain economic conditions.
Third, making emotional decisions. The stock market is a theatre of emotions, and I’ve witnessed many individuals succumb to its dramatic allure.
Emotional decision-making, driven by fear, greed, or market noise, can lead to impulsive actions that undermine long-term financial goals.
Whether it’s panic-selling during a market downturn or FOMO-driven investments at market peaks, emotions often cloud rational judgment. Successful investors maintain a level-headed approach, acknowledging the emotional rollercoaster but refraining from letting it dictate their financial decisions.
Fourth, failing to review a portfolio. Investing is not a ‘set it and forget it’ endeavour. Yet, I’ve encountered individuals who neglect the crucial step of regularly reviewing their portfolios.
Market conditions change, economic landscapes shift, and individual financial circumstances evolve.
Failing to adapt to these changes by reviewing and adjusting your portfolio typically leads to suboptimal performance and missed opportunities. A periodic portfolio review ensures that investments align with current goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions, safeguarding against the silent erosion of wealth.
Fifth, placing too much focus on previous returns. I call this The Rearview Mirror Fallacy.
The allure of past performance can be a seductive trap for investors. I’ve seen individuals overly fixated on historical returns, assuming that past success guarantees future gains.
However, the financial markets are dynamic, and yesterday’s winners may not be tomorrow’s champions.
Placing too much emphasis on historical returns without considering the broader economic context, market conditions, and the inherent risks can lead to misguided investment decisions.
Successful investors understand that while historical performance provides insights, it shouldn’t be the sole determinant of future investment choices.
And all of these mistakes are best side-stepped and you’ll financially best-position yourself by working with an independent financial advisor.

Nigel Green is deVere CEO and Founder

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