Home World Switzerland manhunt for gunman after two shot dead in Sion

Switzerland manhunt for gunman after two shot dead in Sion

Switzerland manhunt for gunman after two shot dead in Sion


SION — A manhunt is under way in Switzerland after two people were shot dead and another person was injured in the southern town of Sion.

Police in the Valais region said several shots were fired in two different locations on Monday.

A woman was killed in a car park shortly after 07:00 (06:00 GMT), and a man was shot dead a few minutes later.

The suspect, named as Sébastien Robin, is said to be dangerous and police say he should not be approached.

“According to initial findings, the perpetrator knew his victims,” Valais cantonal police said, adding that the motives behind the incident remained unknown.

The service said it received a call at 07:15 that a person had been injured in a car park on Rue Oscar-Bider.

“This was a woman who suffered a fatal gunshot wound,” the statement said.

“A few minutes later, a man was also shot dead, while a woman was also injured by a gunshot.”

Shots were reportedly fired at the Sarosa painting company in the Ronquoz and Potences areas, local newspaper Le Nouvelliste reports.

The 36-year-old suspect was last seen driving in his grey, Peugeot 206 convertible.

Police have set up road blocks around Valais in an attempt to stop the alleged gunman from leaving the country.

The town of Sion is located close to the Italian and French borders.

There is also a large police presence in the town itself, with armed officers stationed at the crime scenes.

Local prosecutors have opened a murder investigation.

Switzerland, a country of around nine million people, has a high rate of gun ownership.

Small Arms Survey, a Swiss-based organization that monitors global trends in armed violence, estimates the number of firearms in civilian possession at 2.3 million. — BBC


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