Home Business Senthil Kumar ‘withdraws’ derogatory ‘gaumutra’ remark | Arabian Weekly

Senthil Kumar ‘withdraws’ derogatory ‘gaumutra’ remark | Arabian Weekly

Senthil Kumar ‘withdraws’ derogatory ‘gaumutra’ remark | Arabian Weekly


After being pulled up by Tamil Nadu chief minister M K Stalin over controversial remark, DMK MP DNV Senthil Kumar on Wednesday expressed regret over his statement made in Parliament a day earlier while attacking the Bharatiya Janata Party. Senthil added that he was withdrawing his statement.

“The statement made by me yesterday inadvertently, if it had hurt the sentiments of the Members and sections of the people, I would like to withdraw it. I request the words to be expunged…I regret it,” the DMK MP said in the Lok Sabha.

Earlier, he had apologised for his comments on social media. “Commenting on the results of the five recent state assembly elections, I have used a word in a inappropriate way. Not using that term with any intent, I apologize for sending the wrong meaning across,” Senthil posted on X.

While participating in a discussion on J&K Reorganisation (Amendment) Bill in the House on Tuesday, the Dharmapuri MP had said the BJP can win elections only in the Hindi heartland states and not in south India.

Senthil’s statement linking Hindi heartland to the urine of an animal was later expunged by the Lok Sabha Speaker. However, his remarks sparked a controversy with several members across party lines condemning the DMK leader. The video of his speech has also gone viral on social media.

BJP leaders termed Senthil Kumar’s remarks as “hate speech” and said the voters will “wipe out” the INDIA bloc from southern India as well in the next elections.

Senior BJP leader and former Bihar deputy chief minister Sushil Modi said Senthil Kumar has hurt the sentiments of crores of Hindus by his remarks. “It is not just urine. People revere the animal as holy and the urine has medicinal use,” Modi said. “Very unfortunate choice of words. Unparliamentary. Senthil Kumar must forthwith apologize and withdraw his comments,” Congress Lok Sabha member Karti Chidambaram said on X.

“Very unfortunate to witness an Indian MP making derogatory statements against SanatanaDharma culture revered by over one billion Indians. Many, including myself, consider ourselves Sanatanis,” former Union minister Milind Deora said on X. “DMK must realise that its reckless remarks only weaken INDIA Alliance’s efforts in challenging BJP in the Hindi heartland. India is one, and there is no place for a north-south divide,” Deora said.

• Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah said that such words should not be used. “Why do you say something which hurts sentiments of people. Maybe you don’t follow this is religion but there are millions who follow this and what’s the reason to make fun of them? Would our Tamil brothers and sisters be happy if we had made such statement regarding them?”

In an interview with a private channel earlier this year, DMK’s Senthil Kumar said, “In the north, Shiva and Parvati’s family stops with Ganesh — only if you come down South, they know that they also have Murugan. We don’t know if family planning happened there.”

Local reports stated that hours later he had to clarify that his intention was not to insult any Hindu God.

Some reports stated that he had also questioned the Hindu ritual of ‘bhoomi puja’ being performed at government buildings.

Senthil Kumar was attending an inauguration ceremony for a road project in his home district of Dharmapuri. On his arrival, he asked an official if he was aware that a government function should not be held in such a manner involving prayers of only one particular religion.

“Sir, Do you have instructions or not that government functions should not be held like this. Are you aware or not?” he asked.

Pointing to a saffron robes clad Hindu priest, the MP asked the official: “What is this? Where are the other religions?, Where is the Christian and Muslim? Invite the Church father, the Imam, invite those who do not profess any religion, the atheists’, the Dravidar Kazhagam (representatives),” he said.

Dravidar Kazhagam, a rationalist outfit founded by social justice icon Periyar E V Ramasamy is the parent body of the ruling DMK.


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