Saudi Ministry of Health organizes forum for health volunteering

Saudi Ministry of Health organizes forum for health volunteering

JEDDAH: The inaugural Classy Expo in Jeddah, running until Tuesday, celebrates fashion, luxury, and innovation.

Organized by the Al-Roshan Group in collaboration with the Jeddah Chamber, Makkah Chamber, and Hail Chamber, the exhibition unites fashion designers and local Gulf brands across various specialties.

The expo serves as a platform for established and emerging fashion industry players to showcase their designs and connect with potential customers.

Several Saudi brands have participated, aiming to expand their regional market presence and offerings.

Amr A., founder of Jeddah-based brand Stance, which specializes in cufflinks and men’s accessories, said: “Our products are not mass-produced, instead, they are tailored to the client’s size and color preferences, a trend that resonates with everyone seeking personalized accessories in today’s world.”

A feature of the event was a display of women’s abayas, jalabiyas, and boutique-designed maxi dresses. Some brands retained their modest elegance while experimenting with fabrics, while others pushed boundaries with dazzling stones and sequences.

The expo also featured accessories such as hats, scarves, and custom prayer mats.

Ranih Kurdi, founder of Jeddah’s Ghesto Abaya, was presenting the company’s latest collection.

And Budoor Alyafie, founder of Jeddah online store Aram Abaya, said: “We are committed to crafting elegant abayas that cater to diverse customer preferences.

“At this expo, we’re excited to unveil our latest designs, blending our styles with weather-appropriate fabrics and innovative designs to connect with and resonate with customers’ individuality.”

Bader and Majd Binmadi, founders of the CETRO brand with its duck motif, said: “Our debut collection includes eight funky shirts and two shorts, each adorned with a playful duck image.

“The name CETRO draws inspiration from the Spanish language, influenced by our frequent travels to Spain. We’re diligently working on designing our upcoming winter collection, set to be released in just one week.

“While we’re based in Jeddah, we locally design the shirts and import our products from China. By participating in this expo, our primary goal is to gather valuable feedback from our community and excel in our business.”

May Shibah, founder of Ithmed Makeup, was taking part in the expo to promote her natural and organic products.

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