Saudi aid campaign collects $131m for Gaza

Saudi aid campaign collects 1m for Gaza

RIYADH: The Royal Commission for AlUla received its first delivery of 30 electric cars produced by Lucid Motors.

An agreement to supply the governorate with Lucid EVs aims to enhance sustainability, preserve the local environment, promote a green economy and reduce carbon emissions.

“Our partnership with Lucid Motors represents an active step towards revolutionizing our own mobility solutions,” said Abdulrahman Al-Trairi, chief of communication and public relations at RCU.

“This venture catalyzes the wider adoption of sustainable transport in the county and underpins our steadfast commitment to the objectives of Vision 2030.

“Lucid Motors’ partnership with RCU is setting this new precedent for organizational sustainability, cementing our partnership’s pivotal role in advancing green mobility.”

The RCU deal is the first part of a wider agreement between the Kingdom and Lucid Motors for the supply of EVs, said Yaser Al-Quhidan, assistant minister of finance for financial affairs.

It represents a significant step toward achieving the objectives of Vision 2030, which aims to spur economic growth and create job opportunities in non-oil sectors.

The agreement reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to a circular carbon economy and the EV industry, said Al-Quhidan.

It also operates in line with the Saudi Green and Middle East Green initiatives announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The RCU’s chief of shared services, Abdulrahman Al-Theneyan, said: “Lucid cars will be an addition to the projects inside AlUla, as they represent an achievement on which the future will be built.”

The use of EVs within AlUla’s transportation system serves as a model for other regions in the Kingdom.

In 2021, RCU launched an autonomous electric vehicle service in the old town and the Dadan site, and a year later launched a tram project to link the governorate with high-traffic destinations.

The AlUla tram system will use a low-impact design to operate within AlUla’s natural environment.

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