New York Modern, U.S. Premier Furniture Wholesaler Prepares for a Grand Opening | Arabian Weekly

New York Modern, U.S. Premier Furniture Wholesaler Prepares for a Grand Opening | Arabian Weekly

New York Modern is the leading US-based direct-to-consumer furniture brand helmed by seasoned furniture enthusiasts and specialists, boasting over two decades of combined industry experience. NY Modern is pleased to announce its Grand Opening ceremony.

NY Modern Furniture is a US furniture brand committed to innovating and pushing the envelope in the modern furniture space. Harnessing decades of combined experience and an unbridled passion for all things furniture, NY Modern strives to deliver exemplary service and products to each customer.

Based on a concept that does not rely on intermediaries, NY Modern Furniture embodies what direct-to-consumer brands are meant to do – focus on building quality furniture pieces and enabling consumers to order them at competitive prices.

“As a factory-direct company, we have eradicated the need for middlemen. We’re an online business, and without the expense of maintaining a physical showroom, we have further savings, which we pass directly onto our dear customers,” said Mike Ford, NY Modern’s spokesperson.

The company is gearing up for a Grand Opening at the very heart of New York City. As Mike Ford, NY Modern’s spokesperson underscored, the “bustling energy, timeless style, and iconic architecture” of the Big Apple has led to the decision to launch the brand at the source of inspiration for NY Modern creators.

“New York City, the fashion capital, is our muse. We are endlessly inspired by its pulsating energy, its iconic architecture, and of course, its timeless style. Yet, we also understand that the New York lifestyle can often come with a hefty price tag. So, we set out with a mission – to prove that high-fashion design can be affordable living space.”

From exquisite lounge chairs and sectional sofas to boutique dining tables & chairs and beyond, NY Modern’s catalog features a broad spectrum of trendy modern contemporary furniture products, all influenced by the uniqueness and exquisite aesthetic elements New York fashion scene is famous for.

To celebrate the long-anticipated launch of America’s most affordable wholesaler of mid-century modern furniture stores, NY Modern is brewing up special surprises for its customers.

By streamlining in-house operations and eliminating intermediaries, NY Modern Furniture delivers cost-effective furniture pieces while its customer support team strives to answer all inquiries and help each consumer make an educated purchasing decision.

More information about New York Modern is available on the company’s official website.

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