Home Business JAECOO launches ‘WHO IS MR. J’ global campaign to expand diverse user ecosystem

JAECOO launches ‘WHO IS MR. J’ global campaign to expand diverse user ecosystem

JAECOO launches ‘WHO IS MR. J’ global campaign to expand diverse user ecosystem


JEDDAH — In an effort to highlight its brand focus on the new urban elite and shape a “diverse, boundaryless” user ecosystem, the emerging off-road brand JAECOO has embarked on the “WHO IS MR. J” global campaign. This initiative seeks to identify those unique urban elite people who can represent JAECOO’s “MR.J”.

Targeting the Urban Elite

It is reported that JAECOO, targeting the global market, is recruiting representatives among JAECOO vehicle owners who excel in style and sophistication, constantly pursuing a better redefined lifestyle. For these people, JAECOO plans to tailor-make and conduct a professional photo session a hundred fashion spreads, crafting an exclusive appearance of sophistication and refinement for “MR. J”.

Additionally, JAECOO will produce high-quality video ads with MR. J, perfectly capturing the moments where urban elites and their choice of quality blend seamlessly. Following this, JAECOO will select the “MR. J TOP10” from a global pool and host a high-class award ceremony, presenting them the exclusive MR.J award. Through this journey of exploration, JAECOO aspires to advance alongside MR. J, spreading a refined style and off-road essence worldwide.

As a new off-road brand, JAECOO emphasizes a fearless and far-reaching brand philosophy, which perfectly aligns with the elegance and sophistication that “MR.J” embodies. Hence, JAECOO aims to continuously magnify the graceful and gentlemen demeanor of “MR.J”, and establish a community image, craft a unique brand identity, and engage in co-creation with users.

This initiative provides a stage for similar new elites to express their personal style, continuously expanding the brand’s reach while holding to JAECOO’s principle of “Connecting Users, More Than Just Vehicles”.

JAECOO has long been adored, providing users with boundless imagination. Combining its off-road brand positioning, JAECOO has covered every aspect of the new elite’s life and travel, building a diverse and boundless off-road ecosystem.

Co-Creation, Sharing, and Mutual Success

The “Finding MR. J” campaign can be seen as an important step of JAECOO’s user ecosystem. At the recent User Ecosystem Conference, JAECOO offered a more detailed interpretation of its ecological philosophy.

From October 15 to 18, 2023, JAECOO held the International User Ecosystem Co-Creation Conference, with representatives from over 30 countries worldwide in attendance, highlighting the brand’s value system of embracing and co-creating with its users.

During the conference, JAECOO, aligning with the lifestyle philosophy of the new urban elite, extended its brand reach beyond borders through immersive “Vehicle+Life” outdoor exhibition zones. These zones created more than just vehicular connections with users, providing a platform for global representatives to express themselves and embrace “Off-Road+Life” without restraint.

In the conference’s closing event, JAECOO invited thousands of users, partners, and media friends to participate in eco-friendly travel event. The humble bicycle carried the spirit of user co-creation, user ecosystem, and sustainable development. Participants who completed the ride received specially made memorial medals and wonderful prizes from JAECOO, with the event receiving unanimous praise from all attendees.

From the User Ecosystem Conference to the search for “MR.J”, it is evident that JAECOO’s ecological concept is inseparable from the focus on “users”. As per its plans, JAECOO will continue to deepen the concept of “Connecting Users, Beyond Just Vehicles”, carefully creating “J-CLUB” around JAECOO vehicle owners, building more diversified user communication scenarios. In the future, JAECOO will empower its users through its brand and creative strength, transforming every user into a builder and co-creator of the JAECOO ecosystem. #jaecoo_ksa

As a brand-new off-road brand, the name JAECOO is inspired by a fusion of the German word “Jäger” and the English word “Cool.” This blend captures both off-road and urbanism while displaying a refined style and quality that imparts a mission of brave exploration and unwavering perseverance.

With more than a decade of joint venture experience, the group adheres to the brand philosophy of “from the Classic, beyond the Classic.” JAECOO is tirelessly dedicated to innovation and breakthroughs, leading the new urban off-road trend with exceptional four-wheel-drive performance, remarkable safety features, and forward-thinking intelligent technologies. Inheriting the genes of luxury, it blends the wisdom and craftsmanship of master design teams from the UK, Germany, and other countries, setting a new standard for urban off-road SUVs.

In the future, JAECOO will actively promote the concept of sustainable development, combining all-road capabilities with new energy solutions, creating a more efficient and environmentally friendly off-road performance to provide a more comfortable and greener travel experience for the urban elite. — SG


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