Hislo marks milestone with Saudi ICOMOS strategic partnership for historical site conservation at Athr


Hislo the cutting-edge social platform transforming the exploration and sharing of historical locations, is excited to announce its participation in the AlUla International Conference on Heritage Impact Assessment “Athr”. By connecting people to the history of heritage sites, Hislo encourages users to engage with the past dynamically and interactively. In 2023, Hislo revealed its refreshed brand identity and mobile app, aligning with the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 and its goals to expand heritage tourism in Saudi Arabia.

Hislo highlighted its latest app at the conference with new features to offer users an unparalleled experience to explore and interact with heritage and historical landmarks through stories, photos, and videos. With these features, Hislo aims to enrich the tourism experience, making historical sites more accessible and engaging for travelers everywhere.

Hislo and Saudi Arabian National Committee of The International Council on Monuments and Sites “Saudi ICOMOS” committed to supporting the Heritage and Historical Sites Conservation by signing a strategic partnership at the AlUla International Conference on Heritage Impact Assessment “Athr” in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. The strategic partnership with Saudi ICOMOS establishes a cooperative partnership to promote heritage conservation by raising awareness and spreading knowledge about historical sites within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The partnership enables Hislo to categorize and feature these sites within its app as a platform recognized by Saudi ICOMOS. The partnership is also committed to educational initiatives to raise public awareness of tangible and intangible heritage. Additionally, Hislo is endorsed to document this heritage, employing advanced methods like photography and 3D imaging to bring history to life for users worldwide. The partnership represents a significant step in making heritage more accessible and engaging through the power of technology.

Dr. Noorah Alkadi, Founder of Hislo, shares her vision: “Our partnership with Saudi ICOMOS, represented by HRH Princess Dr. Nouf Bint Mohammed Bin Fahad Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, is a testament to our dedication to heritage conservation. This collaboration will empower us to feature a curated selection of heritage sites, each with its own story, directly within the Hislo app. It is more than a technological innovation it’s a cultural mission to bring the past into the present and future.”

This storied partnership promises to enrich Hislo’s tapestry with authentic narratives and cultural stories, allowing users to witness history and partake in its documentation and celebration. This partnership is a step forward in fulfilling the vision of making history tangible for future generations.

As Hislo took center stage at the AlUla International Conference, the team looked forward to engaging with visitors from around the globe through their app, welcoming a growing community of explorers eager to discover the world’s historical treasures through Hislo.

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