Big Investors Continue To Accumulate Wealth | Arabian Weekly

Big Investors Continue To Accumulate Wealth | Arabian Weekly

MUMBAI: A majority of big investors in the stock market continued to increase their wealth and beat the benchmark indices successfully in the past year. An analysis of the portfolios of eight top investors revealed that the value has increased in the range of 15% to 101% for seven investors this Diwali, as compared to last year. Only one investor – Dolly Khanna – saw a decline in wealth of around 12%.

Around 50% of these investors increased their number of bets while the rest continued with their existing portfolio or trimmed it.

Among the top gainers in the market was Rekha Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, wife of late billionaire investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, who has over 1% holding in Titan Company, Metro Brands and Tata Motors. The value of her portfolio, which consists of 24 stocks, increased from Rs 26,155 crore to Rs 36,953 crore or 41% during this period, according to data from Capitaline. Jhunjhunwala has marginally trimmed his portfolio from 28 to 24 stocks.

The report revealed that the mutual fund industry witnessed a robust net equity inflow, rising by 43.8 percent to Rs 19,932 crore in October compared to the previous month.

Mukul Mahavir Agrawal, the reclusive founder of Param Capital Group, saw his 53-stock portfolio value, jump 79.19% since last Diwali, mainly aided by the increase in share price of Neuland Labs, where he holds over 1%. The share price of Neuland jumped about 260% to Rs 5,394.60.

Akash Bhansali, who leads the principal investments unit at Enam Holdings, is a stakeholder in 16 companies. He witnessed a 15.2% increase in his portfolio value. He owns more than 1% stake in companies such as Gujarat Fluoroch, IDFC and Welspun Corp. A 116% jump in the share price of Welspun Corp over the last 12-13 months has driven this increase, data showed.

Another significant gainer was Ashish Kacholia, who co-founded Hungama Digital with Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, saw his portfolio value increase 60.62% to Rs 2,501 crore all thanks to surging prices of Safari Industries, Gravita India and PCBL. He has investments in 39 companies as of now, compared to 34 companies last Diwali.

Abakkus Asset Manager Founder Sunil Singhania has raised the number of companies in his portfolio to 24 compared to 20 earlier. His portfolio value climbed 72.34% to Rs 2,336 crore in the past year.

After adding three more companies to his portfolio of 28 stocks, the value of seasoned Dalal Street investor Anil Kumar Goel’s portfolio increased about 31% to Rs 1,646 crore.

Vijay Kishanlal Kedia, veteran investor and owner of Kedia Securities saw his portfolio amount surge over 100% to Rs 1,471 crore. According to data, the value of his holdings in Atul Auto jumped from Rs 8 crore to Rs 367 crore from last Diwali in just one year.

The only big name to have missed out this year is Dolly Khanna whose portfolio value declined 11.58% with the number of companies falling to 17 from 20 last year. While the stock prices of Prakash Pipes and CPCL, two of the companies in which Khanna owns more than 1%, climbed 130% and 163% respectively and aided the value growth, Monte Carlo Fashions dragged down the value of her investment in that particular stock by 21.17%.

Source: The Financial Express

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