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By Kalyani Shankar

After the Five States Assembly poll results, speculation about who the new chief ministers will be is rife. The BJP has won three states and the Congress one. In Mizoram, the XDF has won defeating the ruling MNF.

Although the B.J.P. has strengthened itself in the North, it has yet to find a foothold in the South. The B.J.P.’s successful poll strategy united its supporters and minimised internal conflicts. Fielding Parliament members as candidates helped the Party reduce internal sabotage in the three heartland states.

Congress gained an advantage in Telangana due to its strong local leadership. The Party also benefited greatly from the defections of many leaders who began to see it as a viable contender, especially after its success in Karnataka. Voters shifted towards the Congress once it became evident that it posed a severe challenge to the ruling B.R.S.

B.J.P. and Congress did not announce chief ministerial candidates before the polls. Both parties must decide whether to continue with established leaders or search for new leadership. Congress must decide whether to appoint Revanth Reddy or a new face.

The BJP has many potential candidates, so the main question is how to implement the new rules. The B.J.P. favours phasing out old guards like Vasundhara Raje, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, and Raman Singh, who have had their innings. Another crucial factor when selecting new candidates is their caste. A diverse mix of castes is essential, not limiting it to Rajputs or forward castes. Additionally, their performance will also be taken into consideration.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants a suitable candidate to deliver the States in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. This is his top priority for performing a hat trick.

Let’s take a look at Madhya Pradesh as an example. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, one of the longest-serving Chief Ministers, is ready to continue. During an event in Madhya Pradesh, Chouhan even asked the public for their opinion on whether he should run for Chief Minister again if elected.

There are many potential candidates for the top post in Madhya Pradesh. They include three Union Ministers, Narendra Singh Tomar, Faggan Singh Kulaste, and Prahlad Patel, who provide a range of options. Kailash Vijayvargiya, the Party’s General Secretary and Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Union Minister who helped bring down the Kamal Nath government, are also on the list of potential candidates.

The prominent candidate in the State of Rajasthan would be the former chief minister Vasundhara Raje. Union ministers Bhupender Yadav and Ashwini Vaishnav, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, Minister Arjun Meghwal, and Mahant Balaknath are also in the race.

Rajavardhan Rathode is a Rajput and a multiple-time cabinet minister. Satish Poonia served as the Rajasthan B.J.P. president when the Party was out of power. In early 2023, C P Joshi, a Brahmin and two-time MP, replaced Poonia as the state B.J.P. president. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, the Union Minister for Jal Shakti, a new-generation B.J.P. leader, is also a potential candidate for the CM of Rajasthan.

In Chattisgarh, too, former chief minister Raman Singh is a front-runner. Raman Singh, the BAMS doctor who ruled Chhattisgarh for 15 years till 2018, is the most recognisable face of the Party in the State. He was a Union minister before he became the chief minister of Chhattisgarh in 2003. However, he has been sidelined in the past five years.

Vishnu Dev Sao is also a contender for CM. He has a clean image, comes from an RSS family and has risen. Union Minister Renuka Singh, a prominent tribal leader, from the Bharatpur-Sonhat constituency is yet another option.

Congress, on its part, must choose a leader to keep the Party united in Telangana. The leader of B.R.S., K. Chandrashekhar Rao, is known for his talent in luring away members from other parties. Historically, Congress has lost its ability to protect its flock. This was visible in Goa, Karnataka, and other states.

Revanth Reddy is the most likely candidate in Telangana. He belongs to the robust Reddy clan and had the full support of Congress leadership despite criticisms from within the Party for his style of functioning. Starting with A.B.V.P. as a student, he has ended up at the top.

Reddy faces various challenges, including winning more seats in the Lok Sabha polls in 2024. However, it’s more crucial for him to keep his Party united. Of late, the instability kicks off with horse trading, commencing immediately after the government’s formation.

Despite the stringent anti-defection laws, MLAs are tempted with large sums of money to change sides, often resulting in the winning Party’s government’s collapse. Political parties use tricks to buy the required MLAs to snatch the government.

The B.J.P. is upbeat about its success and is already strategising for 2024 polls. The opposition group I.N.D.I.A is assessing situation after the huge B.J.P. win. (IPA Service)




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