WeWork Greater China Makes an Appearance at the 26th Beijing-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium | Arabian Weekly

WeWork Greater China Makes an Appearance at the 26th Beijing-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium | Arabian Weekly

Connecting Beijing and Hong Kong with Innovative Workspace Services Platform

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 30 November 2023 – WeWork Greater China, a leading provider of office space services in the Greater China market with a global perspective, made an appearance at the 26th Beijing-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium. The theme of their keynote speech was “Connecting Beijing and Hong Kong through Innovative Workspace Services Platform”, and they were invited to participate in the opening ceremony and various themed activities. They shared their innovative workspace services and discussed how these services empower economic cooperation and seamless connectivity between Beijing and Hong Kong.

Conan Quan, Vice President of WeWork Greater China shared a keynote speech at New Development Forum

Conan Quan, Vice President of WeWork Greater China, stated, “As pioneers and leaders in the flexible office industry, WeWork Greater China adheres to core values of sharing, connecting, and mutual success. We are committed to providing high-quality work environments and value-added services for enterprises. Our global vision and service platform covering Greater China aim to establish mutually beneficial collaboration models among businesses, buildings, and governments. In the context of economic uncertainty, we strive to create a more certain innovative ecosystem that enables more Beijing and Hong Kong enterprises to enjoy high-quality office services and stay informed about the business environments of both places, seizing opportunities for mutual success.”

This event aims to further promote economic and trade cooperation and exchange between Beijing and Hong Kong, attracting corporate representatives from various industries and regions. WeWork Greater China garnered widespread attention at the negotiation conference due to its innovative office solutions and comprehensive services. Their professional team is dedicated to fostering innovation and development by creating communities and collaborative platforms. Advanced technological applications, such as smart office facilities and digital solutions, enhance efficiency for businesses. WeWork Greater China’s network covering the region, along with tools like meeting room reservation platforms and mobile applications, provide high-quality and convenient office experiences.

In the context of the global digital economy, how to leverage the advantages of flexible office spaces and WeWork Greater China’s global vision and service platform covering the market, in order to fulfill the mission of building a collaborative model that benefits businesses, buildings, and governments, and to drive the development of an innovative ecosystem. This includes exploring and jointly building new trends in the “consumer enabled” and “technology enabled” industries, as well as promoting exchanges and integration within innovative sectors.

In addition to digital innovations, WeWork emphasizes its commitment to sustainable development. They adopt environmentally friendly and energy-efficient approaches in building design and equipment usage, offering customers a more sustainable work environment.

During a series of business meetings with entrepreneurs and decision-makers from Mainland China and Hong Kong, WeWork Greater China also shared successful cases of promoting high-quality development for enterprises in both regions. They believe that strengthening cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong will further drive economic growth and innovation.

Conan Quan, Vice President of WeWork Greater China, shared, “Since the beginning of this year, numerous Chinese enterprises have expanded globally through WeWork Hong Kong, while we have also facilitated many Hong Kong-funded enterprises in enjoying preferential policies for establishing a presence in Beijing. WeWork Greater China is dedicated to providing flexible and sustainable office space solutions for leading global companies to thrive in the region. With unique space designs, professional community services, and an extensive network of resources in Greater China, we empower enterprises to drive innovation. We look forward to establishing deeper collaborations with more companies in Beijing and Hong Kong, promoting mutual connectivity and success, and serving a wider range of world-class innovative businesses.”

The Beijing-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium brings together top companies from both sides, facilitating economic development and industry exchanges. WeWork Greater China’s presence at the conference signifies their continuous growth and expansion in the market. As the demand for flexible office space becomes mainstream, they will continue to explore and innovate in product development.

Moving forward, WeWork Greater China will continue to build flexible, shared, and open office solutions, empowering enterprises in optimizing asset structures and digital transformation. They aim to ensure business continuity, scalability, and flexibility for more companies in Beijing and Hong Kong, allowing them to adapt to the new business environment and achieve sustainable win-win development.
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