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Types and Features of Skull Pendants

LifesytleTypes and Features of Skull Pendants

Are you in the market for a skull pendant but not quite sure which model to purchase? There is a myriad of awesome options to choose from meaning a perfect pendant awaits you somewhere over there. But before you make your first move, you should decide what type of pendant is best for you. We made a list of the most common designs that skull pendants feature, make sure to check it out.

An Amulet or Talisman

Although an amulet and talisman sound like the same thing, they are different in their functions. An amulet is bound to protect its owner from adversity (misfortunes, evil eye, ill-wishers, diseases, and even death) while a talisman is supposed to bring good luck or enhance the desired features of its owner.

Skulls are long-known as potent amulets. Cavemen, for example, wore skull jewelry to drive away adversity. In our day and age, skulls are the patrons of motorcyclists who believe that a death’s mark (which is the skull) is able to stop death in its tracks.

An amulet and talisman can be made of any material but we recommend sticking to natural ones – stones, bones, and metals – because they possess the power of Mother Earth. One of the most powerful materials is silver due to its healing and mystical properties. Besides, it is easy to wear and take care of. Bikerringshop boasts the widest selection of silver skull body ornaments; you are welcome to take a look at what they have to offer.

Not every skull pendant that you buy is good enough to become a talisman or amulet. In fact, most of them don’t have any special powers. However, if you wish your skull pendant to become a protector or good luck enhancer, there is a special ritual to activate its powers. Along with that, skull jewelry given by a friend or well-wisher already comes with its powers activated. That being said, you should never purchase second-hand pendants or receive them from a stranger because they may accumulate negative energy and become harmful.

Skull Lockets

This type of pendant is made like a case, which, upon opening, reveals a photograph, an item with sentimental value, a keepsake, a lock of hair, or a secret message. Lockets are incredibly popular among ladies, and if you enhance them with a skull, you get a real humdinger of Gothic fashion.

Skull lockets are a modern reincarnation of memento mori jewelry. Translated as “remember you must die”, this trend of the late medieval period had a mission to remind a person of his or her mortality. Later, skulls became highlights of mourning jewelry dedicated to the memory of a late loved one. If you use your skull locket for this purpose, it may contain an item that used to belong to the one you loved or reminds you of them. Lastly, modern memento mori jewelry can become a motivator. Your locket may contain a phrase or cite that inspires you to do good things or become a better version of yourself.

Skull Medallions

Medallions are pendants of a round shape. They normally feature a low-relief skull (or an entire skeleton) image or engraving. It is common to adorn the edging of a medallion with a pattern (skulls go well with swirly or floral Gothic patterns) or wording. The back of a medallion can accommodate a different design thus enabling you to alternate the side that you want to put on display. It can also feature a secret message, initials, a prayer, citation, or other types of engraving.

Functional Skull Pendant

As their name suggests, they perform a certain function other than being a means of decoration. Your skull pendant can turn into a whistle, Swiss army knife, harmonica, watch, compass, and any other functional item that is small enough to be worn on a necklace. Technological advancement let us benefit from one more type of functional pendants. On the one hand, these are beautiful and ornate pieces designed to command attention. On the other hand, they are USB flash drives – you’ve probably seen some of them in movies. So, if you want your data to be safe and close at hand at all times, you can carry it around with pizzazz.

Fashion Skull Pendants

These pendants have a single purpose of being so charismatic and edgy that passers-by won’t be able to turn their eyes away. From gemstone-clad skulls of tremendous dimensions to tiny dainty pieces, virtually every item available on the market falls into this category. Although these skull pendants won’t be able to bring good luck or fortune, they are sure to bring admiring (or puzzled) glances in spades. These skulled pieces of jewelry can and should match your personality meaning they may be as large, ornate, quirky, eccentric, glamorous (put your own adjective here) as your personal taste requires.

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