‘Tamimi Markets’ opens a new warehouse in King Abdullah Industrial City


JEDDAH — “Tamimi Markets” inaugurated its food and products warehouse in King Abdullah Industrial City, north Jeddah, on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, in the presence of the General Manager of Tamimi Markets, Bobby Rajendran.

The new warehouse is the first in the western region after its three warehouses in Dammam and Riyadh. It clearly indicates the company’s relentless pursuit to expand its operations and commercial activities throughout the Kingdom.

“Tamimi Markets” clarified that its new warehouse is extended over an area of 20,134 square meters. Its design includes multiple temperature zones to ensure the most suitable packaging quality for the product, using high-altitude storage facilities of up to 15 meters. Operations inside the warehouse are also conducted according to various machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, in addition to smart applications that facilitate the process of monitoring logistics operations to provide high-level services.

In this context, the General Manager of Tamimi Markets, Bobby Rajendran, expressed pride in the new warehouse that aims to support the distribution strategy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He valued the tireless efforts of Tamimi Markets’ staff to expand the scope of the company’s operations and commercial activity to ensure the shelves are constantly full of various imported and local products, reinforcing the reputation of “Tamimi Markets” for offering the best quality to customers.

“We continually strive to improve the quality of our provided services, as the new warehouse located in the heart of King Abdullah Industrial City represents a golden opportunity to take advantage of its logistical location near the Jeddah Port and the King Abdullah Industrial City Port to clear international shipments and swiftly distribute them throughout the Kingdom according to the highest quality standards”, he added. He pointed out that Tamimi Markets provides empty storage spaces in its new warehouse for investors interested in benefiting from the King Abdullah Industrial City’s technologically and logistically backed services.

It is noteworthy that the new warehouse with its modern infrastructure and high-level services aligns with Tamimi Markets’ vision of expanding its operations in the central and western regions of the vibrant Kingdom, which is ready to host many commercial and industrial activities. “Tamimi Markets” renewed its ongoing invitation to explore the exceptional and integrated shopping experience in all of its branches, particularly in the two branches in Jeddah city’s Al-Hamra and Al Nahda neighborhoods, as Tamimi Markets celebrates its re-launch coinciding with the opening of the new warehouse.

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