Systems Arabia and Taibah Valley collaborate on youth upskilling and reskilling

Systems Arabia and Taibah Valley collaborate on youth upskilling and reskilling

Systems Arabia, a subsidiary of Systems Limited, and Taibah Valley, a state-owned company founded by Taibah University collaborated for upskilling and reskilling youth on advanced technology tracks. The vision behind this collaboration is to provide a platform to the youth of Saudi Arabia to explore dynamic tech learning opportunities which will help create high quality supply for an ever increasing demand for IT professionals.

Systems Limited is a pioneer in the IT Sector in Pakistan. With a four-decade track record of implementing successful solutions to complex business problems. Systems group of companies is a global force for a digitally driven change. Systems Arabia; Group subsidiary started its operations in 2022 in KSA. Systems Arabia is focused on empowering businesses with services encompassing the Data, Digital Transformation and Cloud solutions in Telecom, Banking and Finance, and Government E-Services verticals.

Taibah Valley is leading a robust ecosystem for research, development, and innovation in Saudi Arabia, with a strong emphasis on emerging technologies. This ecosystem is designed to nurture competitive capabilities through its Academy and drive advancements in various fields. With its affiliation to Taibah University, Taibah Valley grants access to a vast network of resources, including over 70,000 students, 1600+ faculty members, 47 bachelor’s degree programs, 36 Postgraduate degree programs, 28 Colleges, and a large community of alumni. Through this empowerment, Taibah Valley assumes a crucial role in spearheading transformation and harnessing the potential of local talent to enrich the economy.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Dr. Jaber Almutairi, CEO – Taibah Valley and Rao Hamid Khan, GM – Systems Arabia on August 8, 2023 in the presence of Honorable Dr. Abdulaziz Qablan Al-Sarani, Taibah Valley President, Alhanouf Alkhayyal, Taibah Valley Academy Director and Toima Asghar, Group Chief HR Officer – Systems Limited.

Systems Arabia is committed to invest in the people of KSA by creating a learning platform and leveraging on skills that the group possesses. This collaboration is aimed to enrich the digital future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by imparting technical knowledge to students and faculty through workshops, trainings and certifications in the areas of Data, Digital and Cloud.

Skill Development and future joint collaborations are two key ambits under this MOU. Systems Arabia will also partner with Taibah Valley’s talent and technology-driven labs for providing solutions pertaining to Blockchain, Metaverse, AR & VR for customer acquisition and competitive bidding. One of the major areas of collaboration is IT Mustakbil Training Program for graduates and professionals from diverse educational backgrounds, to enable them to be a part of the IT sector.

Dr. Jaber Almutairi, CEO – Taibah Valley, said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Systems Arabia with a purpose to enable our talented youth for local as well as global IT markets. Our nation holds strong intellectual and learning capabilities, and it is imperative that the industry and academia come together to take advantage of this potential and make them corporate ready. Systems Arabia and its parent company Systems Limited have vast experience of working in Telecommunications, Banking and Financial Services, Retail, CPG, and the Public sector in many markets all over the world. Partnering with such a prestigious organization will result in trained human resources for the IT industry of Saudi Arabia to cater to high market demand. It will create numerous career opportunities for Saudi Nationals specifically Taibah University graduates to work with global corporations.”

Rao Hamid Khan, General Manager – Systems Arabia said, “We are excited to partner with Taibah Valley with a purpose to enable talented youth of KSA for global IT market needs and demands. Nurturing local talent will reduce reliance on foreign expertise and create job opportunities for Saudis. Taibah Valley’s futuristic Blockchain, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, AR and VR labs will augment our vast IT services offerings for the Kingdom. In essence, we are entering into an era of technological advancement, and we see Saudi citizens playing a pivotal role for Vision2030 and for building their own digital future.”

Toima Asghar, Group CHRO – Systems Limited, shed light on the occasion, “Today marks a very exciting day when Systems is joining hands with the leading University of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to provide a unique platform to the students of Taibah University. We are looking forward to working with their brilliant students and professionals. In a nutshell, we will be exploring real wealth of this nation that lies in the ambition of its people and the potential of younger generation.”

Alhanouf Alkhayyal, Taibah Valley Academy Director, stated “We are deeply excited for the collaboration with Systems Arabia. Through this partnership, we will be able to nurture human capital and empower individuals with the expertise required to excel in their fields. By reducing reliance on external resources and ensuring sustainability, we are fostering a self-sufficient workforce prepared to tackle the challenges of the future. This collaboration has been instrumental in shaping a generation of highly skilled professionals who will lead the growth of our nation.”

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