Sudan declares State of Emergency due to rain, floods in six states


KHARTOUM Sudan’s Council of Ministers declared on Sunday a state of alert and emergency regarding the flood disasters that affected six states, namely River Nile, Gezira, White Nile, West Kordofan, South Darfur and Kassala.

During their meeting, the Council stressed importance of mobilizing popular efforts to attract internal and external humanitarian support from official and popular bodies to provide a helping hand and assistance to those affected by the situation in the states.

The cabinet meeting directed the National Civil Defense Council to carry out its role in coordination with the emergency committee of the Sovereignty Council through its branches in the states, the allocated budget, the support coming from inside and outside and the humanitarian organizations.

Acting Minister of Cabinet Affairs Osman Hussein Osman, affirmed opening of an account in local and foreign currencies to attract support and stand beside those affected in the states by torrential rains and floods.

Osman said “we announce mobilization of the popular and official effort to help the affected people and strengthen early warning and follow-up systems in order to avoid potential damage, explaining that rains had caused severe damage to citizens, as well as in the field of health and education, and the collapse of schools and institutions, which requires urgent intervention.

For his part, Acting Interior Minister, Lieutenant-General Annan, affirmed that the losses were confined to six states, most notably River Nile, Gezira, White Nile, West Kordofan and Kassala, saying, “we have distributed all our supplies and humanitarian aid, and the convoys will go to those states in the coming days.” He reviewed the extent of damage in the states, especially collapse of houses and the number of deaths and injuries. — Agencies

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