Sky TV has a game-changing upgrade for PS5, Xbox owners

Sky TV has a game-changing upgrade for PS5, Xbox owners

If you’re a gamer and want the best possible broadband speeds with zero lag or stutters when playing your favourite games online, then Sky TV might have the answer for you.

Yes, it might seem unlikely that the satellite telly brand would be the best bet for gamers, but Sky has just launched a new broadband bundle aimed specifically at gamers. Ticking all of the boxes, this bundle includes the fastest full-fibre broadband speeds available from Sky as well as extra kit to prevent any connection issues.

The newly-launched Sky WiFi Max and Ultrafast Broadband package is aimed squarely at gamers who want the fastest and most secure connection possible. Starting at £45.50 per month, you can get up to download speeds of 125Mbps with Sky’s best router experience, dubbed Sky WiFi Max. 

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Along with Sky’s full-fibre broadband speeds, it is also selling its new WiFi Max router along with the new gaming bundle.

Tucked under the shell of this broadband gadget is Wi-Fi 6 technology which offers a huge improvement over older Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 4 signals. Firstly, it can cope with much faster speeds and more stable connections to more devices at once.

That means if everyone is accessing the web at the same time things won’t grind to an annoying halt.

Another nifty feature is something called intelligent cloud optimisation which makes sure the devices using the most bandwidth get the right amount of juice. So, if you are trying to download a massive game on your Xbox, PS5 or PC, that device will get priority over a phone by simply browsing the web or posting on social media.

Sky is also promising that its WiFi Max option offers advanced security, protecting every device connected to the network and blocking threats. Finally, there is an easy way to check and control your broadband via the MySky app with parents even able to pause certain devices to cut down on screen time and get their youngsters away from the web.

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