Seeds, fertilizers prices in Saudi Arabia are lower than in neighboring countries: Al-Ayada


Arabian Weekly report

RIYADH — The undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) Eng. Ahmed Al-Ayada has confirmed that the prices of seeds and fertilizers in Saudi Arabia are lower than in neighboring countries.

Al-Ayada indicated that if the prices of fertilizers were compared between the neighboring countries and Saudi Arabia, then the efforts of the MEWA would be seen by how it has kept and preserved prices from rising.

Fertilizers in Saudi Arabia have not seen an increase in prices for six months compared to other countries, he said.

On the sidelines of the meeting of the Minister of Agriculture Eng. Abdul Rahman Al-Fadhli with the citizens in the Tabuk region to discuss their agricultural needs and the projects supervised by the ministry in the region, Al-Ayada noted that the prices of seeds have increased worldwide, not only in the Kingdom.

He also added that he hopes that the increase will restore the balance of prices, noting that there are many types of seeds that have not witnessed a rise in their prices, such as wheat as in other countries.

Al-Ayada confirmed that there are three companies that did not raise their prices until after coordination with the ministry.

It is noteworthy that Governor of Tabuk region Prince Fahd Bin Sultan has launched 26 development projects for the environment system in the region, with a financial cost of more than SR2.5 billion.

The development projects aim to serve about one million new beneficiaries and support environmental and water sustainability in the region in accordance with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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