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RIYADH: This year’s Jeddah Season is showcasing Saudi fashion brands and bringing them closer to the audience through Fashion Village in the City Walk zone.

One of those brands is the contemporary clothing line Galag, which has easy-to-wear casual pieces and designs inspired by automobiles and Saudi heritage.

“Galag is a collective that began in 2013 consisting of a group of automotive enthusiasts, photographers, and videographers with a passion for exploration and using road trips as a means to do so,” Galag owner Sultan Al-Faisal told Arabian Weekly. “The Galag clothing line began as a creative outlet in 2017 in response to a demand from Galag supporters for a tangible product, and it quickly gained traction in Europe, the United States, and East Asia, before being introduced to the Saudi scene in 2019.”

(Photo by Mohammed Abdulhalim)

One of the things that make Galag stand out is its shoe collection, something not many Saudi brands offer as it is hard to produce, but Al-Faisal and his team accepted the challenge.

“Our sneakers are made in Portugal, and they are our own design. We wanted to create a timeless silhouette that would go with anything, and the materials are synonymous with quality and durability.”

In Riyadh Season, the brand took part in the E’Space concept store with an earlier collection called “Cosmopolis.”

(Photo by Mohammed Abdulhalim)

The pop-up in Jeddah is called Galag Garage, which is an offshoot of the main brand.

“The experience in Jeddah Season has been great. People have been extremely enthusiastic and gave us a warm reception, which is more than we could ever ask for.

“The other participants in the season have also shown their support and that is priceless to us. We are just happy that we have been approached to take part in it and that the Jeddah Season team saw enough value in us and gave us the trust to be able to take part.”

Galag’s immediate plans are to be more involved with some of the communities and subcultures present in Jeddah.

(Photo by Mohammed Abdulhalim)

“There are many communities and groups that we don’t believe have had the support and exposure that they deserve, such as the skater community group the sillyboys crew, working with them to help them grow, then it would be a success for us, definitely something to look forward to.

“At the end of the day, we just want to give different and new choices as a Saudi brand to the Saudi consumer, and that will hopefully strengthen the Saudi design language and expand it so that people don’t just look at us as one-note in terms of design.”

Held under the slogan “Our Lovely Days,” the second Jeddah Season follows on from the success of Riyadh Season, which recorded more than 15 million visits over five months. The annual Jeddah Season festival aims to highlight the city’s rich heritage and culture through a total of 2,800 activities in nine zones over the event period.

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