Kerten Hospitality’s Cloud7 Residence AlUla unites art and tradition with echoes of AlUla Poetry Competition

Kerten Hospitality’s Cloud7 Residence AlUla unites art and tradition with echoes of AlUla Poetry Competition

Cloud7 Residence AlUla hosted the “Echoes of AlUla” Poetry Competition, which culminated in a celebratory event on 2 November 2023. The special event, held in the breath-taking landscape of AlUla, paid homage to The Year of Arabic Poetry 2023 in the Kingdom and served as a vibrant celebration of Arabic poetry’s rich heritage.

Kerten Hospitality’s mission is to create unique experiences that inspire travellers and redefine how people live, work, and explore the world. In May 2023, the leading lifestyle hospitality group unveiled ‘The Collective’ in Saudi Arabia, an initiative that unites all the group’s projects in the country, representing a cumulative investment of SAR 1.5 billion. Kerten Hospitality’s growing footprint in the Kingdom includes multiple innovative projects such as Dar Tantora by The House Hotel and The House Residence Oxagon Village, with more to come.

The month-long poetry competition drew seven passionate Saudi participants, each offering their unique interpretation of the traditional art form. With an intimate gathering of 50 attendees, “Echoes of AlUla” was not just a poetry competition; it was a testament to the artistic community in AlUla, as well as Cloud7’s dedication to art, in all forms, as a brand. The event saw artists, poets, media, influencers, and members of the Royal Commission for AlUla coming together to celebrate the unique medium of Arabic poetry, transcending boundaries, and embracing the timeless tradition cherished by many across the kingdom.

The event was a fitting tribute to Saudi Arabia’s declaration that 2023 would be the Year of Arabic Poetry; a nationwide initiative that aims to honour and boost the position of Arabic poetry, enriching poetic creativity and highlighting deeply rooted heritage of poetry in Middle Eastern history.

All seven participants were celebrated as winners and were honoured during the award ceremony, in recognition of their dedication and contribution to the world of Arabic poetry. In the spirit of community and collaboration, the event attendees received specially curated gifts, featuring handmade items reflecting the rich, local culture and heritage, with vibrant colours inspired by AlUla’s mesmerizing landscape. The generous inclusion of iPhones, provided by the Royal Commission for AlUla, added a contemporary touch to this celebration, enhancing the experience for the recipients.

“Echoes of AlUla” reflected Cloud7 Residence AlUla’s commitment to promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of AlUla and the broader Arabic poetic tradition. The event not only provided a platform for creative expression but also fostered a sense of community and appreciation for the rich legacy of Arabic poetry in the region.

As the nation continues to honour the Year of Arabic Poetry 2023, Cloud7 Residence AlUla remains dedicated to nurturing and celebrating the timeless art of Arabic poetry, ensuring it thrives for generations to come.

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