Is it a new global moral order?


What is happening in the world at present in terms of values, ideals and morals with the systematic penetrations to degrade them in a way that its adversely affects family and the society around is very worrisome.

This brings about negative revolution impacting the familiar and recognized values and morals. Though these values vary between societies, they exist in different degrees as it stems from the innate human nature regardless of the differences of religions and cultures and the level of freedoms.

The political chaos that the world is experiencing at present has begun to be accompanied by moral chaos that is almost systematic through media and social platforms under the auspices of trends with their own concepts about personal freedom.

They consider this as an integral part of their philosophy and are keen to spread and consolidate them among the societies of the world in a shocking and frightening manner.

They take advantage of the ease of access to everywhere due to the digital revolution brought about by the Internet that has connected all the societies of the world altogether. The problem is that this revolution, impacting moral and ethical values, takes place through soft and attractive means and platforms such as cinema, television drama, lyrics, cultural and sports events, social activities, and the like.

For example, a follower of some serials produced by worldwide platforms feels the presence of homosexuality unnecessarily as required by the scenario. This was presented in a way reinforcing the idea that it is a natural matter and a personal choice that should not be stopped as an anomaly and reprehensible and unacceptable thing.

This is not restricted as a topic meant for adults, but rather goes beyond it to poisoning the materials intended for children to inculcate ideas of abnormal relationships and suggestive scenes of pornography, rebellion against family controls in the pretext of developing personal freedom through the practice of moral degradation.

Unfortunately, there are indications that this corrupt wave will transfer to some of the works that are produced in the Arab world without awareness of its danger.

It is a frightening time when the system of morality and normal human values is undermined as a systematic project, which requires awareness of its danger and its social resistance with full force through all available means.

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