Home Business An entrepreneurial initiative to honour healthcare professionals | Arabian Weekly

An entrepreneurial initiative to honour healthcare professionals | Arabian Weekly

An entrepreneurial initiative to honour healthcare professionals | Arabian Weekly


When did you decide to be an entrepreneur? 


I have been in the business of entertainment and fashion for more than a decade. I have been involved in a number of endeavours as my mind is always brimming with new ideas. I enjoy working on projects which will challenge me and where I can balance my life at home and work. Being married to a celebrity has always kept me in the public eye and I wanted to keep my work on a separate pedestal.


How has the journey been?

I have been very blessed to have a very plain sailing journey. When you have a big support from your family and friends…you have already crossed the barricades with some small stumbles which makes the journey inspiring.

Who are your partners?

I generally don’t work with partners. Forttuna Global Excellence Awards for Healthcare professionals came as an idea from Jiiber Jaber Entertainment and they being nascent to the business approached Andromeda Productions, that is my company for advice on how to create an awards ceremony. Over the course of time, Andromeda Productions curated and produced the event to support Jiiber Jaber Entertainment.

What have been the roadblocks on the way?

Roadblocks are like building blocks. One just needs to rearrange them for a smooth journey.


Tell us about the Forttuna Excellence Awards? Is it going to be an annual event?

Forttuna Global Excellence Awards is a concept of Jiiber Jaber Entertainment and my company Andromeda Productions has curated and produced the event. This year we honor the Healthcare professionals and I wanted to make the Awards an unique experience for those who provide us a healthy safe life. Andromeda Productions planned to create a never before experience in the desert sands of Dubai with an international lineup of artists. The healthcare professionals will go home with an award in their hand and a memory to cherish. Jiiber Jaber Entertainment hopes to continue this endeavour. Andromeda Productions has not committed to being a part of this project in the coming years.

You are an integral part of the Indian entertainment industry. How do you blend your creative pursuits with your experience?

I was born into a family of artists. My grandparents have been theatre actors and my mother was a kathak dancer. From a very young age I was encouraged to pursue music and dance. When I met my husband, Sonu Nigam, I was not prepared for the glitz and glamour but the art was intriguing. Over the years I have learnt a lot as I have become a part of this ever blossoming entertainment industry. The glamour comes with a lot of hard work and sacrifices. I have pursued theatre and have been a radio journalist while creating my own menswear label to keep my creative passion alive.

What is your next venture?

I have some very exciting projects lined up. I like thinking out of the box and working on projects that will give me an adrenaline rush. Besides entertainment I am working on creating a new brand of products which is my favorite project.


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